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Over 48 loan programs Direct Lenders - Not Brokers Manually Underwrite Challenging Loans Same Day Loan Pre-Approval Letters Close Some Loans in 10 Days We are VA, FHA and USDA Approved Lender Member of Wholesale Lending Networks Free Credit Analysis 
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We are Professional & Reliable Welcome to Florida’s Direct Lenders (we are not brokers) specializing in residential, investment and commercial mortgages.  At Florida Direct Lenders aka 1st Florida Lending Corp., we will help find a loan that fits your budget and expectations. Unlike  big banks whose loan officers are overworked, under paid and must work with limited loan product parameters and one size  fits all rates and terms.  We offer over 50 loan programs with hundreds of matrixes, managed by highly skilled licensed loan   officers (not unlicensed order takers) who know what it takes to get your loan through underwriting quickly.
Our Wholesale Lending Network: To expand our  portfolio of loan programs, we have partnered with  many wholesale lending networks across the country to  offer you the best rates and terms for your loan scenario under one roof without wasting your time comparison  shopping with banks and/or brokers. We offer great Customer Service: At Florida Direct  Lending our experienced professional staff is here to  answer any questions, problems or offer suggestion.  We also offer a 24/7 online support contact form. The Lending Process:  We will walk you through the  whole mortgage lending process and ensure your  transactions close smoothly and on time.
When Banks Say No! We Say Yes!  We are happy to report that 40% of our business is turn downs from other Banks and Lenders. 
Aside from our company’s contributions.  We encourage all of are team members, friends and family to donate their time and money and efforts to the charities of their choice in support the less fortunate.  Public support is paramount to a  
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                              Features   80% LTV  with 600 credit score  Min 100,000 - $1M Max Loan Interest only options available
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12-Month Bank Statement FICO 680 +
William “Will” Claiborne Executive Loan Officer NMLS#  1460003 Office:  (800) 344-1995 Cell:     (407) 580-4520 Fax:      (877) 401-9955 william@1floridalending.com
What is the general processing time-lines for most loans?   Generally speaking, most loan files take  30-35 days * days to receive final approval from underwriting. This time line starts when a completed loan file and required documentation provided by the borrower is submitted to underwriting for approval.  It is important to note that delays can occur any time throughout the loan process due to borrower document errors, incorrect or illegible information, credit rating changes during the review period and not providing documents in a timely manner when requested by underwriting.  *  The 30-35 day estimated closing time lines as stated above may not apply to jumbo or other non-conforming loans which may require additional documentation and processing times that could result in delays .  Ask you loan specialist for more details.  IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT NO-DOC LOANS CLOSE IN 10 TO 20 DAYS IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER:  ALL LOAN PROGRAMS, GUIDELINES, RATES AND LTV’S ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.  1ST FLORIDA LENDING CORP., AT ITS OWN DISCRETION, RESERVES THE RIGHT TO CANCEL ANY OF THE LOAN PROGRAMS ADVERTISED ABOVE AND/OR ANY ONGOING APPLICATION UNDER REVIEW.
1st Florida Lending Corp., a registered Mortgage Lender Orlando servicing all of Florida offering over 45 loans programs including Conventional, Jumbo, FHA, VA, USDA to name a few and specializing in Bank Statement Loans or “stated loans” requiring no Tax Return verification.                               Disclaimer:  When Banks Say NO! We Say YES! tm   If you are turned down by another lender.  We will work hard to approve your loan.  No guarantee of any kind is expressed or implied!   Main Office: 2151 Consulate Dr. * Suite 8 *  Orlando, FL., 32837  * Telephone (800) 655-1345 * (407) 300-2558 * Fax (877) 401-9955 We are approved lenders for all Government Loans and registered with the Florida Office of Financial Regulation - # MLD106 © 2007 - 2015 FFL Corp - All rights reserved  I                             I                             I    When Banks Say No !  We Say YES !  ®  is a registered trademark
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For Self-Employed, DBA’s, Sole Proprietors, Corporations, 1099 Independent Contractors and W-2 Wage Earners  Why a Bank Statement Loan? With over 14 programs,  Bank Statement Loan programs are rapidly becoming the loan of choice For Self-Employed, DBA’s, Sole Proprietors, Corporations, 1099 Independent Contractors and W-2 wage earners  who have cash flow and payment history, but show a reduced taxable income as a result of high deductions even if you are 1 day out of a recent mortgage events (e.g. Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Short Sale, Deed in Lieu.      
We are Approved VA Lenders !  VA guaranteed loans are made by government approved Mortgage Lenders to eligible veterans and their families for the purchase of a home that must be for their own personal occupancy.   
CLICK TO VIEW 1003 Application * Bank Statement Loan rates are determined by a combination of FICO Credit Score, History and Down Payment Amount. The minimum 500 FICO** is available for non-owner occupied properties only.   1st Florida Lending Corp. brand, makes no warranty or guarantee of a loan approval, credit score increases, loan closings, nor is such inferred or implied. Borrower qualification is required and program availability & guidelines is/are subject to change without notice. Other terms and conditions may apply. Programs are subject to change without notice
We pay closing cost on FHA & Conventional Loans * 
Paying for your closing costs includes:  Title Insurance Fees, Government Charges, Recording Fees and Lender Fees. Our No-closing-cost mortgage can saves thousands in upfront fees and may be the ticket to getting a mortgage for a new home or a refinance.   
How does the paying closing cost program work?   Under our lender paid credits program we can pay your closing costs which includes Title Insurance Fees, Government Charges, Recording Fees and Lender Fees.  Our No-closing-cost mortgage can saves thousands in upfront fees and may be the ticket to getting a mortgage for a new home or a refinance.  The minimum FICO score for this program is 620 (middle score). * Disclaimer: 1st Florida Lending Corp will issue a lender paid credits at closing for the amount of your closing costs on both purchase and refinance.  Our Lender Credits are applied at closing and covers the following fees: government recording charges, government stamps and intangible taxes and (please note: all appraisal fees are paid by the borrower and collected at time of your application and will be credited back at closing) All title charges and other third party fees must agreed to in advance. 1st Florida Lending Corp reserves the right to select the closing agent when paying the title charges and may cancel this offer anytime without notice
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No-Doc Loans ITIN ID Loans Foreign National Puerto Rico Borrower Vacant Land Loans Manufactured  Homes  Home Renovation  Cash Flow Loans Commercial  Asset Depletion Loan
Conventional Conventional 1% DP Equity Plus FHA - Standard & 203K FHA - We pay closing Cost VA - 100% Financing USDA - 100% Financing Jumbo and Super Jumbo 12 & 24 Month Bank Statement Loans Reverse Mortgage Investment Properties Loans
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