Our new ITIN Tax ID Home Loan Program helps make financing a home easier for qualified Non-US Citizens.  Borrowers do not need a Social Security number and can use there ITIN Tax ID number to qualify! What are some of the Qualifications? We are offer ITIN loan program with the following: Loan Amounts to $600,000.00 Up to 80% LTV with traditional credit and 620+ Fico Score  (90% LTV is available on a case-by-case evaluation)  Up to 75% LTV with non-traditional credit and No Fico Score * FR, PUD, Townhouse, Condo (Warrantable only) Purchase and R/T Refinance Owner Occupied Only 5% down payment from borrower - additional funds can be gift from family Minimum Loan Amount is $150K No pre-payment penalties No mortgage insurance Gift money from family - OK NO CREDIT SCORE ? NO PROBLEM *  If you have an ITIN tax number and have not established a credit score with 3 or more trade-lines, you can establish a 620 score by providing us with 12 months of on-time payments for 3 alternative sources (rent, utilities, cell, insurance, etc.). Qualifying Income You income must be generated in the USA – No overseas income allowed. Types of Property That Qualify? Single-family, Multi-Property, Condos, Non-Warrantable Condos, Townhouses, Mobile Homes, Vacant Land, and Investment Property. Fix Loan Terms Available 10, 15, 20 and 30 year. Don’t Have a US Bank Account? You will need to establish a bank account before your loan is closed.    
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1st Florida Lending Corp., a registered Mortgage Lender Orlando servicing all of Florida offering over 45 loans programs including Conventional, Jumbo, FHA, VA, USDA to name a few and specializing in Bank Statement Loans or “stated loans” requiring no Tax Return verification.                               Disclaimer:  When Banks Say NO! We Say YES! tm   If you are turned down by another lender.  We will work hard to approve your loan.  No guarantee of any kind is expressed or implied!   Main Office: 2151 Consulate Dr. * Suite 8 *  Orlando, FL., 32837  * Telephone (800) 655-1345 * (407) 300-2558 * Fax (877) 401-9955 We are approved lenders for all Government Loans and registered with the Florida Office of Financial Regulation - # MLD106 © 2007 - 2015 FFL Corp - All rights reserved  I                             I                             I    When Banks Say No !  We Say YES !  ®  is a registered trademark
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When Banks Say NO! We Say YES!
Frequently Asked Questions about ITIN Home Loans Q. Can I get a home mortgage loan with my ITIN number? A. Yes, the down payment is 20% vs 3.5 % with an FHA and the rates are a little higher. Q. What other Indentation do I need to qualify for an ITIN  Mortgage? A. Besides a valid passport and ITIN number, you will need a Florida Drivers License or Florida ID Card (Click Here for more information)     Q. Why can’t I just use FHA to obtain a mortgage? A. The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) requires a social security number to obtain a loan Q. Do I need to have a perfect credit score to receive a mortgage? A. No, if you not have not established credit and pay your utilities, car payments, etc..  on time with good spending habits.  We can establish the required credit score of 620 using your tradelines.  Q. Can a person who is not a citizen, but who pays taxes with a ITIN number get a mortgage? A. Absolutely, in fact if you are paying taxes on time it will be easier to obtain an ITIN loan. Q. Will my information be reported to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services? A. No, if you get a ITIN, it is only reported through the IRS and they don’t care if you are a resident or not, they just want to make sure you are paying taxes.