CUSTOMER SUPPORT QUESTIONS LISTED BELOW ARE THE TOP THREE FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS. 1.  We completed an application Online and no one has contacted us ? When you submit an Online application, you will automatically receive an email confirmation within minutes.  If not, maybe the email you entered on the form was incorrect.  Not sure?  Just resubmit your request!  If it was correct, please check your junk mail or spam folder.  Why?  Sometimes certain email clients may not recognize emails from  If you find our email domain name in your Spam or Junk folder.  Just add the domain or specific persons at the to your email contacts and/or safe senders and/or white list.   Also, some email providers allow you to mark certain message as “NOT SPAM” or “ALLOW SENDERS” etc.  If your still having issues, please contact Customer Support using the form below.   2.  We have not been updated on the status of our loan for many days?  There are no set update time lines on an active loan file.   The frequency of a loan updates varies throughout the loan process, but are generally sent twice weekly after your loan documents are submitted to our processing/underwriting department.  Updates may increase depending on the type of loan, requests for additional documentation, underwriting issues, holidays, and  secondary reviews.  The delivery methods for updates may vary from email, text message and/or by telephone.  3.  Why are there delays?  Generally speaking, most loans take 21 to 30 days to receive final approval from underwriting.  This time line starts when a completed loan file and the required documentation are submitted to underwriting for approval.  It is important to note, that there can be a host of reasons for delays any time throughout the loan process.  On the underwriting side,  the most common delay is when underwriting requires additional documentation and/or requests updated  documentation even after issuing a conditional approval.  On the borrowers side, there could be document errors, incorrect information, missing bank statement pages, unreadable or illegible documentation, credit rating changes during the review period and not providing documents in a timely manner when requested or sometimes borrowers fail to disclose recent purchases, litigation, child support etc... Needless to say there are too many variables to list here and borrowers should expect the unexpected.  The good news is that these are the exceptions and not the rule with most of the "issues" listed above are resolved quickly.   Do you have a  Question?  Comment? or Complaint?  If YES!  We would like to hear from you.  Please complete and submit or 24/7 customer support form below:                                                
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