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1st Florida Lending Corp., a registered Mortgage Lender Orlando servicing all of Florida offering over 45 loans programs including Conventional, Jumbo, FHA, VA, USDA to name a few and specializing in Bank Statement Loans or “stated loans” requiring no Tax Return verification.                               Disclaimer:  When Banks Say NO! We Say YES! tm   If you are turned down by another lender.  We will work hard to approve your loan.  No guarantee of any kind is expressed or implied!   Main Office: 2151 Consulate Dr. * Suite 8 *  Orlando, FL., 32837  * Telephone (800) 655-1345 * (407) 300-2558 * Fax (877) 401-9955 We are approved lenders for all Government Loans and registered with the Florida Office of Financial Regulation - # MLD106 © 2007 - 2015 FFL Corp - All rights reserved  I                             I                             I    When Banks Say No !  We Say YES !  ®  is a registered trademark
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We Can Close Your Loan in 10-business day’s
Why Take 30 Days (or longer) to Close Your FHA or Conventional  Home Loan? There are no acceptable reason (in most instances) for an straight forward FHA or Conventional home loan to take 30 days or longer to process and close when a borrower has a 620 middle credit score, funds to close no financial issues, credit events or blemishes and all of the required documentation available.  Why go through the headache of taking so long when we can offer you the option to close in as little as 10 days? Some of the reasons FHA and Conventional home loans often take so long to close may be the result of a combination of different factors.  However, it most often is due to the following reasons: Using a mortgage broker instead of a Direct Lender like us!  By cutting out the “middle man” there is one less participant involved who is ultimately just passing information back and forth between the actual mortgage lender and you the borrower.   Another common reason is lack of cooperation and efficient communication between our office staff, the Realtor, and borrower.  We are available from 9am-8pm and you will have an assigned licensed loan officer and experienced support staff who will coordinate closely and work harmoniously with your Realtor.  Often times, borrowers can take several days to send in simple loan conditions (loan requirements).  This can cause a loan to take longer to proceed to closing.  If you can provide us with the documentation that we need we can often times clear them within hours.  If you are eager to close, gather and provide required documents from your loan approval as quickly as possible. If you are a borrower and want to close your loan in less than 30 days, with a realistic goal of 10 business days. It will require a rapid response from the borrower in providing us with the proper documentation as well as due diligence in satisfying underwriting conditions when requested.   What documents are required? 1. 1003 Loan Application: Click here to complete Online Application  Once submitted you will be returned you to our                                        Document Upload Page where you can send us your documents via our secure server link. 2. Identification: Driver’s license or State photo ID for all people on the mortgage  3. Social Security Card: Copy of your social security card or two separate items evidencing the borrower’s social security.  4. Tax Returns: Last 2 years original W-2’s copies of last 2 years 1040’s 5. Most Recent Pay Stub(s): Current computerized printed pay stub showing year-to-date earnings and social security number.  Internet pay stub requires original and 3 months original checking showing direct deposit 6. For purchases:  Fully executed real estate contracts or offer to purchase 7. For refinancing: a) Copy of current homeowners insurance declaration showing annual premium and paid through date; b) Most recent tax bill and c) copy of existing survey (if available) 8. Bank Statements:  Most recent original 3 months checking statements, savings account statements, your last credit union, money market, mutual fund and IRA or 401(K) statements If Internet banking is used. We need 3 months’ original printouts 9. Gift Money: If gift money from a family member is to be used to help purchase the home, all of the following are needed: a) Copy of check showing remitters name; b) Deposit slip; c) Gift letter signed by borrower and donor stating there is no repayment obligation Click to download Gift Letter form letter 10. If you already own a home, All of the following are needed: a) Year-end mortgage statement showing mortgage balance or copy of deed if there is no Mortgage; b) Any sales contract if property is current being offer to sale   11. Credit Report Authorization Form:  Click to download CR Form letter   12. Verification of Employment:  Click to download VOE Form  This form must be completed by your employer 13. Appraisal  Authorization Form:  Click to download AA Form  To be completed when you loan officer request it.  14. IRS-4506-Form: Click to download 4506 Form  Allows us to request verification of income tax returns from the IRS   ARE YOU READY TO CLOSE YOUR LOAN IN 10-BUSINESS DAYS? Have any questions? Please contact us today at 1-800-655-1345 or send us an email at support@1floridalending.com and we will reply promptly.   
When Banks Say NO! We Say YES!